Episode 22

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27th Mar 2023

The Swypit Show - Episode 22 (The Art of Negotiation with Chris Voss)

On the latest episode of The Swypit Show, we were honored to be joined by Chris Voss, Best-Selling Author and Former FBI Hostage Negotiator, to discuss the art of negotiation in life and business.

Following an extraordinary career working as the lead hostage negotiator for the FBI, Chris Voss is now teaching the art of negotiation to leaders in business nationwide. Additionally, Chris wrote "Never Split the Difference," which is one of the top-selling negotiation books out there.

Tune in for a fantastic discussion detailing specific negotiation strategies that can be leveraged to enhance your personal and professional life!


0:20 - Welcome to the show!

2:30 - Introducing Chris Voss to the show

4:00 - "Never Split the Difference"

5:30 - Where to learn more about Chris and the Black Swan Group

6:40 - Transitioning from a cop to becoming an FBI negotiator

9:01 - Becoming a member of the FBI's hostage negotiation team

10:40 - "Procrastination is the bane of my existence"

14:06 - How you can utilize "labelling" for your business

17:20 - Mirror neurons and how they impact human interaction

21:00 - Diffusing tension with clients

25:00 - How the Black Swan Group works on negotiation skills with people

26:30 - Brandon Voss and his work with the Black Swan Group

29:43 - The various books Chris has been a part of writing

31:43 - The "mirroring" process

32:15 - "Beware yes and master no"

37:30 - Chris negotiating with a waiter at dinner

40:10 - Disagreeing without being disagreeable

47:13 - Tactical Empathy private showing

49:30 - Closing remarks

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