Episode 21

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16th Feb 2023

The Swypit Show - Episode 21 (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of The Credit Card Processing Industry))

There are numerous variables at play within the credit card processing industry, which means merchants experience good, bad, and ugly circumstances depending on who they choose to work with!

On the latest episode of The Swypit Show, Kevin explores these various circumstances and where they originate from. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Kevin has seen it all within the CCP industry and there's a lot business owners can learn from him.

This episode is meant to leave business owners with some key considerations for their own credit card service providers and evaluate the level of service they're receiving overall!


0:06 - Welcome to the show

1:00 - Who is Swypit?

2:45 - Working with Swypit is a smart decision for you and your business

4:05 - Bad business practices you need to know about

7:07 - Smooth transitions are vital to your success

7:45 - The ugliness of chargebacks

8:55 - A client story that illustrates the nature of chargebacks

11:10 - How chargebacks are ruled and ultimately decided upon

15:30 - Dealing with strange transactions as a merchant

18:50 - Handling situations where employees are stealing from your company

20:00 - Swypit helps their clients dispute bad things by providing data and historical elements

22:10 - Fraud is the biggest issue facing merchants today

24:00 - Swypit can help your business beyond the simple CCP efforts

25:10 - Closing remarks

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