Episode 18

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21st Nov 2022

The Swypit Show - Episode 18 (Digital Marketing with Matt Cretzman)

We're back with an all-new episode of The Swypit Show, but with a familiar face!

Matt Cretzman, from Stormbreaker Digital, is back on the show to discuss some foundational digital marketing strategies, as well as some best practices for utilizing LinkedIn, that you won't want to miss!

Join us for another insightful conversation with Matt, which is bound to leave you with some takeaways for yourself and your business.


0:06 - Introduction and welcome to the show

1:40 - Leverage: Sharing Entrepreneurial Secrets

2:45 - We learn when we fail

4:00 - Valuable excerpts from Brian Tracey

6:30 - Welcoming Matt Cretzman to the show

9:40 - It's all about connecting with people

13:43 - Matt's work in digital marketing with Stormbreaker Digital

17:00 - These days, marketing is all about creating content

22:00 - Outside-the-box thinking is crucial in your marketing strategy

23:50 - If you're doing an event, put it on LinkedIn

25:00 - Matt's LinkedIn tutorial on creating and building events

33:00 - Sharing invite links via direct messages to your professional network

41:20 - Upcoming Swypit events

46:50 - Easy and actionable steps to generate content via LinkedIn newsletters

50:56 - How to get in touch with Matt and his team

52:07 - Offer for LinkedIn profile makeover!

53:10 - Closing remarks

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