Episode 1

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15th Jun 2021

Episode 1 - Welcome to The Swypit Show!

In the inaugural episode of The Swypit Show, we introduce you to the Founder and Owner of Swypit, Kevin Hodes, who in addition to running an extremely successful credit card processing company, will serve as the host of the show!

Kevin brings over two decades of industry experience to the credit card processing space. In what he considers to be a "slimy world" of credit card processing, someone needs to be there to provide a world-class service and price, while using the most innovative technologies to achieve desired results.

In addition to information about Swypit as a whole, Kevin shares other stories about himself, including multiple endeavors as an Executive Producer on Emmy-Award® winning documentaries.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our first episode where we give you an inside look into the CEO of Swypit and why Swypit isn't your typical credit card processing company!


0:06 - Welcome to The Swypit Show!

1:00 - Why Swypit is the merchant service provider you need

5:45 - We want to do everything we can to help you be successful with your business

6:50 - Kevin's work as an Executive Producer on Emmy-Award® winning documentaries

11:44 - We're a concierge business that provides world-class service

12:30 - Why software vendors make Kevin angry and why you shouldn't get stuck with their preferred vendor

16:00 - It's time to work with a consummate professional that tells you what you need to hear

19:30 - Provide some feedback on any future topics for our show or issues to address

22:10 - Swypit's glowing record on the BBB!

24:15 - If you're not freshening up your business, you're not doing it right

25:19 - Closing remarks

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About the Podcast

The Swypit Show
Join us each episode and see how you can win with Swypit!
Welcome to The Swypit Show, where we take a hands-on approach with our clients AND their businesses. Starring the Founder and Owner of Swypit, Kevin Hodes, our show highlights the credit card processing industry and how you can win by utilizing a proven company, bringing over 20 years of industry experience, like Swypit!

Kevin brings honesty and integrity to what he considers, the "slimy world of credit card processing." A former chef aboard luxury yachts, his craft brought him into contact with business professionals, dignitaries, and politicians, enabling him to develop "street smarts of business super highways."

Swypit offers next generation electronic payment processing solutions, combined with a world-class service, price, and leading edge technology. Each episode, Kevin will share his past experiences and dealings within the industry and showcase why Swypit is YOUR company's best option.

So sit back, relax, and come join us each episode for some fun and facts. Swypit isn't your typical credit card processing company and this isn't your typical credit card processing show!